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ChoraleGUIDE: writing four-part harmony in the style of Bach

Bach cadence fingerprints 2: 2-2-1 (Worksheet 6)

Worksheet Six (Fingerprint 2) helps you understand various cadential progressions for the melodic pattern 2-2-1 before providing some exercises to complete. The first four examples below are the most straightforward - the remainder add some more sophisticated or unusual features and are included for advanced study beyond the worksheet.

Particularly interesting features are marked with a  . If you are curious it would be a good idea to work out what Bach does (e.g. treat a dissonance unconventionally or use a strange chord) and speculate as to why (e.g. to avoid parallel fifths or to improve the progression of harmonies). You should not generally incorporate such rarely used features in your own chorales.

Example 1 (RM86, third phrase)

Example 2 (RM9, final phrase slightly simplified)

Example 3 (RM153, final phrase)

Example 4 (RM240, first phrase)

Example 5 (RM80, second phrase)

Example 6 (RM26, final phrase)

Example 7 (RM5, second phrase)

Example 8 (RM14, fifth phrase slightly simplified)

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