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ChoraleGUIDE: writing four-part harmony in the style of Bach

Bach extra suspensions examples (10)

Bach uses a range of extra suspensions (in addition to the usual V4-3 and II7b) to enliven his harmony. You should not use these unless you are confident that you harmony is already of a high standard and you only make very few errors. Check with your teacher - it is better to write harmony that is simple and correct than complicated and full of mistakes. Most of the examples are at cadences, but some are elsewhere.

Fill in the worksheet to help you analyse these examples.

Once you have completed your examination of these examples, you should also go back through previous worksheets to see if you can improve them by adding some extra suspensions.

Example Phrases [Download printable PDF of these examples]

Example 1 (RM126, first phrase)

Example 2 (RM89, fourth phrase)

Example 3 (RM40, third phrase)

Example 4 (RM35, first phrase)

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