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ChoraleGUIDE: writing four-part harmony in the style of Bach

Bach chromatic chord examples (11)

Bach uses a range of chromatic chords in his chorale harmonisations, but the easiest to emulate are the Tierce de picardie and chord II with a sharpened third. Have a look at the examples below and see if you can incorporate these ideas into worksheets you have already completed. You should only use chromatic chords if you are already producing work at a high level and with only very few mistakes. An alternative approach chord to IIb in this situation is Ib, but be careful of this formula in minor keys (it creates awkward intervals). These alterations are best saved for FINAL cadences.

Answer the questions on the worksheet to help you analyse these examples.

Once you have completed your examination of these examples, you should also go back through previous worksheets to see if you can improve them by adding these chromatic chords at the final cadence.

Example Phrases [Download printable PDF of these examples]

Example 1 (RM204, final phrase)

Example 2 (RM156, final phrase, slightly simplified)

Example 3 (RM107, final phrase, slightly simplified)

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